The field of trust and estate representation is basically divided into three areas:  (1) estate planning, (2) administration of trusts and estates and (3) litigation in the Surrogate’s Court.  Frank Harvey is actively involved in all three areas and he believes that the interaction between them creates a superior result.  Having had numerous trials and hearings in various Surrogate’s Courts in the metropolitan New York area gives him an insight as to what the courts will accept in terms of estate administration decisions, tax issues and, most importantly, drafting issues.  Experience in administering estates gives important experience in drafting documents so that estates and trusts can be administered in a practical and economical way.

 In drafting estate planning documents, Frank strongly believes that personal considerations should take the forefront.  Of course, in many cases taxes are a significant issue but the most important result must be that the client’s personal desires and his or her responsibilities towards family members be met.

 Although Frank’s practice is primarily representing middle and upper middle class New Yorkers who have the traditional assets associated with a successful financial life, due to his acting of counsel to the Estates of Andy Warhol and Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., he has developed an appreciation of the unique issues that face artists and the estates of artists.  As a result, he has represented a number of painters, writers and photographers and their estates.  However, the problems that the estates of artists face, such as continuing control, post-death exploitation, copyrights, valuation of assets, inventory maintenance and blockage percentages, are the same issues that affect anyone who has a business.

Francis J. Harvey Jr.


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